Mike Labelle

Mike Labelle is a CPRA accredited rodeo announcer and has over 12 years of experience in this field. His career in rodeo announcing has also included freelance work for both television and radio. He has professional experience in traditional and satellite radio doing voice-tracking, hosting/creating a countdown show, and co-hosting and reporting. He is the co-owner of his own media company, LimeLite Audio, and Media. As a rodeo celebrity and spokesperson for many sponsors, he has also emceed a number of events over the years. He is professional, prepared, and well-spoken. Freelance voicing is also a passion of Mike’s. He’s voiced a number of commercials for media across Alberta. He is also the host of a podcast show called ‘The Mike Labelle Rodeo Podcast.’ (You can find it on his social media, iTunes and Spotify.) When he’s not working or on the rodeo trail, he’s trying to keep up with his four athletic daughter’s extra-curricular activities in Calgary, Alberta along with his wife Nadine.


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